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Mubeen Raza


Step into the enchanting world of Cottagecore with Mubeen Raza, a 25-year-old creative force behind RigupTech. Born with a passion for rustic aesthetics, wholesome living, and nature-inspired elements, Mubeen brings youthful energy and a fresh perspective to the Cottagecore lifestyle.

Originally hailing from diverse landscapes, Mubeen’s journey brought them to the vibrant city of Seattle, where the magic of RigupTech began. Beyond age, Mubeen’s ability to curate captivating content has quickly established RigupTech as a digital haven for Cottagecore enthusiasts.

Growing up with a familial connection to the earth, Mubeen’s affinity for gardening is deeply ingrained. Over the years, Mubeen has nurtured houseplants, tended personal vegetable and herb gardens, and played a role in community gardening initiatives—all contributing to the rich tapestry of Cottagecore living.

In the heart of Eastern Washington, Mubeen’s retreat unfolds—a garden adorned with fruit trees, berry brambles, and an array of herbs and veggies, each carefully selected for the next culinary adventure. Lillybelle, a charming rescue dog, adds a delightful presence to this idyllic space.

Mubeen’s love for the written word has blossomed into a career as a freelance garden writer for over 5 years. While the great American novel may be a dream yet to be penned, RigupTech is a testament to Mubeen’s commitment to sharing the beauty of Cottagecore living through words and visuals.

Join Mubeen in embracing RigupTech, where Cottagecore isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the curated content that invites you to slow down, appreciate the details, and find joy in the quaint and charming moments of everyday living. RigupTech is your digital gateway to a Cottagecore paradise, lovingly crafted by Mubeen Raza’s passion for all things simple, beautiful, and connected to the heart.